Shattered Rose

A powerful story about three sisters who are subjected to a childhood of unrelenting abuse at the hands of their father. It’s human nature to seek escape from the violent and isolated prison they live in, and each of them chooses a different path out of their own personal nightmare.




Cade Peirce was born to be a hero. Raised by wealthy parents, he spent his formative years developing a sense of right and a drive for justice. Misunderstood by those around him, Cade wandered the world trying to find the right fight, the right person to save, the right moment to shine, always coming up short.


Arctic Fear

On an isolated expanse of tundra near the tiny subarctic community of Churchill, Manitoba, an ancient evil has been awakened… and now it is ready to feed.

My Soul To Keep

Kathleen was at her breaking point. Her marriage was a disaster. Her daughter hated her. Her son was a constant annoyance to her. Her employer was treating her unfairly. And, she was suicidal. After an altercation with her boss, she crashes her car and ends up someplace quite unexpected. She desperately fights to return to the world she once knew, before it’s too late.

Terrie M Scott

Terrie M. Scott is the mother of two children and currently resides in Ohio. She is a graduate of the world-renowned College Conservatory of Music, (UC) with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Television, Radio, and Film. She is a United States Army Veteran, who served as Public Affairs Non-Commissioned Officer for several years. Terrie is currently serving on the Advisory Committee for the Ohio Department of Veterans Services.

Terrie also owns a film production company with her daughters, called M.A.R.S. Productions. She has a passion for writing, film, and editing. Terrie produced the independent film “Through a Child’s Eyes” about domestic violence, in 2012.

Terrie has been editing and proofreading manuscripts for other writers for over 30 years. She enjoys helping new authors on their journey to publishing.

Her true passion lies in animal welfare and animal rescue. She owns an animal rescue organization called M.A.R.S. Safe Haven. In addition to finding homes for severally abused and neglected animals, Terrie currently works with Operation Baghdad Pups and SPCA International to bring soldiers pets in Iraq and other war zones safely home to the U.S.A. Terrie’s campaign to rescue the dog named “Ratchet” in Iraq gained international media attention. Ratchet was finally released by the Army and is now living with Sgt. Beberg’s family in Minnesota. Terrie also finds homes for retired Military Working Dogs. Terrie’s commitment to saving Military Working Dogs from being put down after their term of service resulted in significant policy changes in 2012 within the DOD. From now on, MWD will be retired and re-homed – not disposed of after they have protected our troops.

Terrie is also the author of several books, including Dark Storm Rising, Prosperity’s Princess, Monsters, Shadowlands, Immortals, Frozen, Remembrance, Shattered Rose, Voices, Infestation, Retribution, Soul Harvest, My Soul To Keep and Arctic Fear. Coming soon to hardcover: FALLEN ANGELS and RJ49

Terrie was also a Science instructor for PreK-2nd graders in the program for Gifted and Talented Children offered through the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University, where she served on the Board of Trustees as Internet Chair and Registrar. 

Terrie is currently the Chair Person for Midwest Preservation Society, dedicated to building our future by preserving historic buildings. Terrie is one of the caretakers of the Sedamsville Rectory, which MPS has been restoring for the past few years. The Sedamsville Rectory has been featured on the Travel Channel, Biography Channel and the SyFy Network.

Monsters – Prosperity’s Princess – Frozen – Soul Harvest – Immortals – Deadly Illusion – On The Wings Of Dragons

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